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Walk-Ins welcome

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Italian Homestyle Food Made for the Soul

The cuisine of both our flagship restaurant Aosta and Little Aosta is inspired by the cooking techniques of Northern Italy paired with ingredients of the South of New Zealand. The menu is designed to bring the magic of an authentic multi-generational Arrowtown while still capturing the essence of northern Italian food, pared back and designed for sharing. That delicious offering will be divided into antipasti, sourdough wood fired pizzette, woodfired meatballs and salsicce (sausage), pastas which serve 2-4, secondi (mains) which serve 2-4, and dolci (dessert).

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Our Signature Dishes Are Served, Everyday

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I* Bookings not required currently, however it is always advisable to call first for large groups of 8 or more 

We are Open:

Wed - Sun 5pm - late

029 0200 8087

18 Buckingham St, Arrowtown.

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